REVIEW: Sugar Cookie Churro at Cozy Cone Motel in Cars Land – Holiday 2019 at Disney California Adventure

This holiday season is a time for us to truly appreciate what is important in all our lives, churros.

In this 2019 holiday season, you can purchase the new Sugar Cookie Churro at the Cozy Cone Motel. This sweet treat is perfect for any churro lovers. Come take a look!

sugar cookie churro 2019

sugar cookie churro dca 2019

The churro cone is all dressed for Christmas! This is located in Disney California Adventure Park in Cars Land.

sugar cookie churro dca 2019

This is the menu placed on the window of the cone.

Sugar Cookie Churro (Rolled in sugar, topped with white icing and holiday sprinkles) – $5.79

sugar cookie churro dca 2019

At first glance, you can see that only half the churro is covered in the icing and holiday sprinkles. If the icing is a must-have topping on your churro, choose wisely, as there is not any additional dipping sauce.

sugar cookie churro dca 2019

The sweet icing was warm and started melting off the churro almost immediately after it was handed to us. When we took our first bite, we were pleasantly surprised by how delicious it was! Usually, I tend not to prefer glaze topped churros, but I thought this one had a perfect balance. The churro itself didn’t taste much different from a normal one, as the taste was very similar to cinnamon and not so much cookie.

sugar cookie churro dca 2019

The sprinkles added a pleasant little crunch to the treat. There were standard little red and white sprinkles, as well as fun-shaped green tree sprinkles. Overall, this was a tasty churro, but nothing too special. The topping was delicious, but the actual churro did not overwhelm us.

This item is available from November 8th, 2019 through January 6th, 2020 for the Disneyland Resort holiday season.

Will this churro make its way onto your holiday taste list? Let us know! Check back in at WDWNT and Disneyland News Today for more holiday news at Disneyland Resort!