PHOTOS: New “Baby Yoda” Socks Land and Quickly Fly Off the Shelves at Disneyland Park

Earlier we reported seeing two new pairs of socks at Walt Disney World featuring Baby Yoda from “The Mandalorian” on Disney+. We were excited to see that these were also being offered at Star Traders inside Disneyland Park, however we were too late for the desert-themed grey socks.

The Star Trader in Tomorrowland is where we found the last remaining Baby Yoda merchandise.

Black Baby Yoda Socks – $14.99

These awesome socks feature Baby Yoda in a variety of poses; smiling, hiding in his giant brown jacket, and relaxing in his carrier. We can also appreciate the addition of the frog.

Aww… just look at how cute he is.

The bottom features him in another pose with his mouth covered and another tiny frog. A cast member did say that they had the grey desert themed Baby Yoda socks earlier in the day, but had quickly sold over 700 pairs of socks this morning.

These magnets ($14.99) were the only other Baby Yoda merchandise to be found. It is safe to say the Baby Yoda craze is here to say. I have spoken.

Will you be grabbing these on your next trip?