REVIEW: New Seasonal Minty Yule Log Shake at Smokejumpers Grill in Disney California Adventure

We were stoked to find a new seasonal holiday shake at Smokejumpers that was not listed in the original holiday guide. This fun twist on a minty vanilla shake won’t be the most impressive thing you try at the parks, but it would make a great addition to your meal at Smokejumpers.

Minty Yule Log Shake – $6.49

We were pumped for a yule log, but were disappointed at the tiny size of the yule log that comes on top of this.

The bright green color was fun, but this could easily be eaten in one or two bites.

The yule log itself was light and chocolatey, with minty green frosting running throughout. It reminded us of a Girl Scout Thin Mint cookie.

The shake itself is the standard vanilla shake base that is always used at Smokejumpers (think vanilla In-N-Out shake taste/consistency). The only part of the shake that is minty was the green frosting. So if you like mint, we would suggest mixing the frosting in with the rest of the shake, but overall, the mint taste is pretty weak.

We did enjoy the chunks of chocolate cake that are mixed throughout. We’d suggest grabbing a spoon as it isn’t easy to suck up chunks of cake with a paper straw.

The top is pretty fluffy with whipped cream and frothy shake, but once it is all mixed together, it makes a solid vanilla shake.

Was this life changing? No. Was it good? Yes. We would not take a specific trip to get this, but would add it on to a meal if we were eating here. Let us know in the comments what holiday treats you’ve enjoyed! And don’t forget to check out our thoughts on all the holiday food at DCA, Festival of Holidays, and Disneyland Park.