Mickey Mouse Cookies ‘N Cream Ice Cream Sandwiches Now Available Outside Disney Parks from Select Grocers

Do you have a box of Mickey ice cream bars in your freezer? If so, we have some info you’ll want to know: you can now also enjoy Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Sandwich at home!

Nestle has released the Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Sandwich, and one Disney fan has already found them in-store.

Image courtesy of @andventureisout_there on Instagram

Like Nestle’s at-home Mickey Mouse ice cream bar, this one very closely resembles the ice cream found in Disney Parks (though, the ice cream bars didn’t taste quite as nice). The sandwich is a chocolate wafer with a cookies and cream center that mimics¬†Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Sandwich.


The sandwiches come in a pack of six, and they are 3.5 ounces each. Another similarity to the at-home ice cream bars is that these sandwiches are a bit smaller than the ones found in the parks. The sandwiches you can find throughout snack carts at the parks are 5 ounces.


Bonus: It’s also made with light ice cream! Since it’s smaller than the original, it’s only 180 calories per sandwich.


The box has the text, “Celebrate Your Birthday With Mickey!” We’ll keep a watch to see if this is a theme that will also appear on other at-home Disney food items.

We found these online retailing for $9.99.¬†From our previous experience with the ice cream bars, it might take a while for the ice cream sandwiches to make it to your neighborhood; we suggest checking your favorite grocer’s website. We tried the Ralph’s near Burbank, CA, and they are already in stock.

Happy snacking!