New Limited Edition “Star Wars” Millennium Falcon Ice Cream Sandwiches Now Available at Select Grocers

You know that whole “New Year’s resolution” thing where people try to cut out sugar or processed foods? Yeah, after all the news we’ve seen today, we don’t know how much longer keeping that resolution will be possible.

Earlier today, we told you about the new Mickey Mouse cookies ‘n cream ice cream sandwiches you can enjoy at home. Now, you can pretend to relive your trip to see the Millennium Falcon at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge with these new Star Wars vanilla ice cream sandwiches.


The limited edition ice cream sandwiches are great for those who aren’t as keen on chocolate. The cookies are vanilla, and the ice cream inside is plain vanilla. They are very similar to the Mickey sandwiches, even down to the layout of the box. They are both:

  • Sold in a pack of six
  • 3.5 ounces each
  • Made with light ice cream (maybe we can keep that New Year’s resolution, after all!). However, these sandwiches are only 160 calories. So you’ll have 20 less calories to burn off
  • Produced by Nestlé

We noticed the box has the same “birthday” messaging as the Mickey sandwiches. So the theming we speculated on may just be more of a Nestlé thing.

We saw the Millennium Falcon vanilla ice cream sandwiches on sale at for $5.99, but they regularly retail for $7.99. Check your grocer’s website to see if they’re in stock near you.

Which sandwiches do you like more: Mickey or the Millennium Falcon?