PHOTO: Guests Cheat to Ride Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance at Disneyland on Opening Day, Forging Fake Boarding Passes

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance opened today in Disneyland to huge crowds of guests, many of which camped out overnight for a chance to be among the first to ride the new attraction. However, the day has transpired far from smoothly, as the ride has gone down multiple times, and the sheer amount of guests roaming Batuu has led to food shortages across various eateries there. Desperate times call for desperate measures, it seems, as guests have taken to forging Boarding Group passes for access to the attraction.

Boarding Groups were fully distributed within 45 seconds this morning, with Backup Boarding Groups, which are not explicitly guaranteed access to the attraction, fully distributed just 11 minutes after park open. Many guests who waited overnight were frustrated at the novel lottery-style Boarding Group distribution process, especially due to reported app crashes.

A “blank” Rise of the Resistance Boarding Group return time screen. Guests are sending these to friends and family in order to find a way onto the attraction before their return time or without having secured a Boarding Group in the first place.

With many people unable to obtain a Boarding Group, or simply frustrated at the long wait due to numerous attraction breakdowns, guests have taken to forging Boarding Groups for themselves or their party. A screenshot (seen above) of a valid Boarding Group return time screen (complete with barcode) was seen circulating amongst guests inside Disneyland, with some guests going as far as to copy the font used on the screen to fill in Boarding Group numbers and exact return times. The premise behind these forged Boarding Groups is that Disneyland is not consistently scanning people’s Boarding Group tickets as they enter the attraction, leading to even more virtual line-cutting from guests.

While this behavior is unbecoming of guests, it’s also unwise for the park to engage in such lax rule enforcement on the day of an attraction grand opening. (Did they learn nothing from the 1970 Yippie Invasion?) With any luck, we’ll see better established practices from both Cast Members and guests in the coming days as attraction opening procedures normalize for Rise of the Resistance.