PHOTOS: Go Over the Rainbow With More Retro Disneyland Apparel & Pin

The latest trend in Disneyland apparel is retro rainbows. Last week we found a spirit jersey, cross-body bag, tee, and sweatshirt sporting the yellow-orange-red-blue rainbow. There’s been an influx of new clothing for the collection, for both adults and children, as well as a new pin, so let’s take a closer look.

retro disneyland apparel

Disneyland Resort Red Children’s T-Shirt – $19.99

This first children’s shirt is a bright red with “Disneyland” cascading down the front in different colors, before ending with “Disneyland Resort” in a bold blue.

Disneyland Resort Grey Long-Sleeve Children’s Shirt – $29.99

This grey top is super cute. It has an elastic waist and is peppered with rainbows around Sleeping Beauty Castle, the name of “Disneyland Resort”, the initials “DLR”, and the opening year “’55”.

Disneyland Resort ’55 Children’s T-Shirt – $24.99

This shirt features a few of the symbols from the above shirt, but bigger and centered in the middle of a white background. On this shirt, you can see more details of Sleeping Beauty Castle, and it’s surrounded by both the rainbow and some colored spots that look like sparkles.

disneyland resort 55 t-shirt

Disneyland Resort Children’s Blue Crop Top – $29.99

This crop top matches the cross-body bag from our previous post. The front features an embossed Sleeping Beauty Castle surrounded by a rainbow and sparkles, while the hood of the top declares “Disneyland Resort” in yellow lettering.

retro disneyland children's blue crop top retro disneyland children's blue crop top

Disneyland Resort Racerback Tank Top – $29.99

This simple top will be great for the summer!

disneyland resort racerback disneyland resort racerback disneyland resort racerback

Disneyland Resort Grey Sweatshirt – $44.99

While it’s still a little chilly, you can pick up this sweatshirt. For this piece, Sleeping Beauty Castle resembles the old Walt Disney Pictures logo that we remember from our childhoods. It’s got a big pocket on the front and colored stripes on the hood.

Disneyland Resort Grey Sweatpants – $44.99

These sweatpants go great with the sweatshirt as well as the tank top!

Disneyland Resort Blue Tank Top- $34.99

If blue is more your color, this tank top is perfect. It’s dotted with sparkles, as well as the rainbow castle logo and “Disneyland Resort”.

disneyland resort blue tank top disneyland resort blue tank top

Disneyland Resort Black Sweatpants – $44.99

If you want something more subdued, there’s always these classy black pants.

Retro Disneyland Resort Pin – $12.99

Finally, there’s a brand new pin featuring the retro “Disneyland Resort” rainbow logo.

disneyland retro pin

And that’s it! We found these at World of Disney in Downtown Disney. Which piece is your favorite? We’re looking forward to walking around the parks in such colorful style.