PHOTOS: Guests Seen Wearing Protective Masks at Disneyland Resort as Precaution for Coronavirus

In just the last few days, both Shanghai Disney Resort and Hong Kong Disneyland have closed in response to the Coronavirus outbreak. While Coronavirus concerns haven’t reached that level in the U.S., a far greater number of Disneyland guests than usual have been seen taking precautions against contagions.


Our reporters have seen quite a few guests — like the ones shown above — wearing protective masks. With tens of thousands of guests entering Disneyland Resort a day, some are taking an early opportunity to protect themselves. While guests are sometimes seen with these masks during flu season, our reporters have noticed a significant increase in the number of guests seen wearing them. So far, only two cases of Coronavirus have been detected in the US.

We’re waiting to see if Disneyland in the U.S. will take any health measures, as Walt Disney World did in 2016 when providing free bug spray to combat the Zika virus.

A word of caution to those considering wearing a mask to the parks: according to NPR, a mask itself won’t necessarily prevent infection — especially if it is flimsy and doesn’t tightly fit your face. But wearing one may stop you from directly touching your mouth and nose (a common way that viruses and germs enter the body).

We’ll continue to monitor any closures and preventative measures issued by the parks as  further developments regarding the Coronavirus arise.