PHOTOS: New ’70s Inspired Disneyland Button Down Shirt is Totally Groovy

Well, crank up The Partridge Family and throw on some bell bottoms, because we found the perfect shirt at Disneyland today to match any ’70s inspired outfit!

Featuring what one would call a very bold print, this short-sleeve button-up shirt has a bright red background and a curvy, bubbly blue Disneyland logo printed all over the shirt. Seriously, it wraps around the back as well.

While the text treatment for this logo is slightly different than what we’re used to seeing for Disneyland logo, it doesn’t mean that we hate it.

One thing is for sure, you’ll never lose a family member in this shirt.

We found this crazy button-down at Chesters Drawer’s on Main Street in Disneyland and it is currently retailing for $59.99.  Will you be picking this up to add to your collection of ever-growing Disney themed button-down shirts?