PHOTOS: New Graduation Cap Mickey Mouse Ear Headband Enrolls at Disneyland Resort

2020 grads visiting Disneyland Resort: put aside a few of the dollars you received as your graduation gift now. The graduation cap ear headband we spotted at Walt Disney World earlier this month is now available at Disneyland.


The ears themselves are covered in sparkly black sequins, and a navy blue graduation hat is on top. A movable gold tassel hangs on top of the hat and can be switched from the left to the right side. If your school’s colors contain black, navy blue or gold, then you pretty much have no choice but to purchase these and sneakily wear them during the graduation ceremony.

Just kidding; don’t do that. School administrators might hold back your diploma or degree, and we 100% don’t want that for you. Save these ears for the after-party.


These ears are special just for 2020 graduates, as they say “Class of 2020” in gold stitching on the side of the blue headband.


You’ll find the ear headband for $29.99 in the Mad Hatter on Disneyland’s Main Street U.S.A.

Are Mickey ears an essential part of your graduation look? Let us know in the comments.