PHOTOS: New Mandalorian Helmet Mug Soars into Disneyland

A new mug based on the helmet worn by the Mandalorian in “Star Wars: The Mandalorian” has made its way into Disneyland. The mug, which features a top to complete the helmet look, has a weathered look reminiscent of the actual helmet from the tv show.

There’s a whole army of them here just waiting to be used for your next morning cup of coffee!

The weathering on the mug is very convincing and really adds to the authentic look of the helmet.

Even the handle is angled and fits the theme and design of the rest of the mug.

Our reporter found this mug at Star Traders in Disneyland Park and it retails for $22.99.

Will you be picking up this mug on your next adventure to Disneyland?