PHOTOS: New “Minnie Mouse: The Main Attraction” Space Mountain Collection Makes a Landing at Disneyland Resort

The Space Mountain edition of the Minnie Mouse: The Main Attraction line is now available at Disneyland Resort. Let’s walk through the limited release collection to see an up-close look at every piece.


Space Mountain Minnie Mouse Ear Headband – $34.99

minnie-main-attraction-space-mountain-ears-1.jpg minnie-main-attraction-space-mountain-ears-2.jpg

This Minnie Mouse ear headband has silver, white and purple sparkles. It’s topped by a purple bow with a Space Mountain logo in the middle.


The headband itself is a sparkly silver and purple fabric.


The ear headbands are here waiting for you!

Space Mountain Minnie Mouse Loungefly Backpack – $90



This Loungefly backpack has purple Minnie Mouse ears and a white bow, with plenty of places to store your items.

minnie-main-attraction-space-mountain-loungefly-bag-3.jpg minnie-main-attraction-space-mountain-loungefly-bag-4.jpg

The front pocket is roomy, with an image of Space Mountain embroidered on top.


The straps and back of the bag are shiny and white.

Space Mountain Minnie Mouse Mug – $19.99


This Minnie Mouse mug is stackable with a galactic background.

minnie-main-attraction-space-mountain-mug-2.jpg minnie-main-attraction-space-mountain-mug-3.jpg

The box is just as pretty!

Space Mountain Minnie Mouse Trading Pin Set – $19.99



The pin set includes three pins: Minnie, Space Mountain and the ear headband featured earlier in this article. Turn the packaging to the back, and you’ll see the story of the  collection.

Space Mountain Minnie Mouse Plush – $29.99

minnie-main-attraction-space-mountain-plush.jpg minnie-main-attraction-space-mountain-plush-2.jpg minnie-main-attraction-space-mountain-plush-3.jpg

What’s better than a sparkly Minnie? A snuggly one! Her beautiful dress is an homage to Space Mountain.


Here’s a full schedule of what’s to come in the collection.

You’ll find all these items at Fortuosity Shop in Disneyland. What month are you looking forward to in the Minnie Mouse: The Main Attraction line?