PHOTOS: New Pastel Rainbow Apparel Collection Now Available at Disneyland Resort

You know, I think I heard it somewhere that the world is a carousel of color. Well, if you like colorful apparel from the Disneyland Resort, a new line of clothing at the Downtown Disney District might be perfect for you!

Rainbow Gradient Disneyland Resort Logo T-Shirt – $29.99

This gray-green t-shirt features the Disneyland Resort logo in a gradient of blue, purple, red, orange, and yellow. It’s perfect if you like rainbows without green in them!

Tie-Dye Disneyland Resort Long-Sleeved Pullover – $49.99

If you want something that’ll remind you of the 1980’s, this acid-washed tie-dye pullover will take you back to the era of legwarmers and Captain EO!

The one big issue with this pullover is that the Disneyland Resort logo isn’t terribly legible with green paint on a green background. (So I guess if you missed green on the last shirt, then they kind of overcompensated on this one.)

Red Three-Color Disneyland Resort Logo T-Shirt – $29.99

If you want something that’s somehow louder and more understated, try this red three-color Disneyland Resort logo t-shirt.

While it’s not as wild as tie-dye, saying “Disneyland” three times is pretty attention-catching.

Here’s a very close look at the fabric. It looks pretty comfy!

Tie-Dye Disneyland Resort Sweatpants – $44.99

Speaking of comfy, here’s something that screams “comfort:” a pair of tie-dye sweatpants!

As you can see, the logo is much easier to read when it’s not on a green part of the tie-dye.

Boy, those may say “Disneyland,” but it sure feels like “staying in and binge-watching The Imagineering Story” to me!

Blue Tie-Dye Mickey Mouse Face Disneyland Resort T-Shirt – $24.99

What’s Disneyland without Mickey Mouse? This blue t-shirt features Mickey’s face on a tie-dye background.

This one looks like it’s on your standard Disney Parks t-shirt. Still, that’s not bad. You can find all of these items at World of Disney in the Downtown Disney District, though it wouldn’t be surprising if these start showing up around the Disneyland Resort.

Which one lights up your interest? Let us know in the comments below!


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