PHOTOS: New “Tangled” Pascal Shoulder Plush Arrives at Disneyland; Coming Soon to Walt Disney World and shopDisney

Adding to the menagerie of wearable Disney creatures is this new Pascal Shoulder Plush, now available at Disneyland and coming soon to Disney Parks. First came Groot, then came the Porgs, then Christmas Groot, and now the valiant chameleon critter himself, Pascal from “Tangled.”

We hope Rapz doesn’t mind, because we’ll be wearing this little guy around everywhere. The small, yet perfectly portable Pascal comes in slightly iridescent plush fabric with embroidered eyes. He won’t be color changing any time soon, but he’s perfect just the way he is.

On the sides, they even matched his different-colored scales, as well as the ridges on his back.

On the back, you have his perfectly twisty coiled tail.

According to the tag, this Disney Parks exclusive will soon be available at parks worldwide, including Walt Disney World and even shopDisney.

A small, fabric-coated magnetic tab fits under your shirt’s shoulder. You then snap Pascal on top and the two magnets will hold him on your shoulder all day long.

For now, you won’t have to go up any towers to find him. There’s a whole bushel of Pascals available for $19.99 inside The Emporium on Main Street in Disneyland, just waiting for their lives to begin.

Stay tuned to WDWNT to find out when these adorable shoulder plush arrive at Walt Disney World!