REVIEW: New Asada Fries Are a Winning Mix of Spicy, Salty, and Crunchy at Award Wieners in Disney California Adventure

Award Wieners takes a win once again with the new Asada Fries. They’ve topped their usual Filmstrip Fries with Marinated Carne Asada, Cheddar Cheese, Cilantro and Onions, plus Salsa de Arbol and Guacamole, making for a salty, crunchy, slightly spicy, and exceedingly tasty combination.

Visually, we can see a lot is going on. The portion size is reasonable. When you order this dish, you receive a good amount of fries, as well as a substantial load of Carne Asada placed on top of the potatoes.

To make it even better, cheese and salsa are evenly distributed across the plate. To top it all off, a considerable amount of guacamole lies on top.

The fries were perfect. Salted, warm in the middle, with a crunchy outside. This dish does have a little bit of a kick to it. Even someone who doesn’t handle spice well should still be able to enjoy this tangy salsa.

While avocados and potatoes sound like a strange combination, these fries rocked it. The guacamole was flavorful and had a perfect consistency.

The Carne Asada was probably the most prominent part of the plate beside the chips. The meat was rich and juicy, with a little hint of a smoky flavor.

Everything complimented each other admirably, making for a great park snack. For $10.49, this is something we would get again.