REVIEW: The Baby Yoda Frappuccino is a Bounty Worth Seeking at Disney Parks

I’m usually not big on “secret menu” drinks at Starbucks because a.) I strive to bug baristas as little as possible and b.) It usually takes 15-30 minutes to get a normal, on-the-menu drink at any in-park Starbucks due to the high demand for caffeine… but when word started getting around about this new Baby Yoda creation, I knew we had to try it. And of course, we had to take it to Batuu. We don’t even know if Baby Yoda is canon within the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge timeline… but I digress. Here’s a secret menu item worth setting your tracking fob on for.

“I can bring you in warm… or I can bring you in cold.”

The Baby Yoda Frappuccino is a Matcha Green Tea base in a caramel-coated cup, topped with whipped cream, more caramel, and caramel crunchies. The premise is that the green tea emulates his little green body and the caramel is his oversized robe. The look of your Frappuccino may vary from what you’ve seen on social media, depending how slammed Market House or Main Street Bakery is. (For the record, you can also get this at any Starbucks location, as long as you can walk them through the recipe.)

If you’ve never had a Green Tea Frappuccino before, the flavors are certainly grassy and earthy, but still plenty sweet and approachable for the tea newbie to appreciate. If you’ve ever heard me wax poetic about green tea anything, it’s because I love it. I’m biased, but our taste testers agreed: if you like green tea, you’ll love this, and if you don’t, the caramel (and Baby Yoda novelty) might get you to like it.

I’m Kylo trying to use the force to snatch this Frap from the crowd.

As with any Starbucks drink, you can get this with your choice of milk or plant-based coconut, soy, or almond milk.

The Baby Yoda Frappuccino is plenty sweet, and most of the caramel globs up at the bottom, leading to super-sweet sips. By the time you reach the whipped cream and caramel crunch layer, everything’s melded together quite nicely.

For $5.29 in a Grande size, you can profess your love for the cutest Force-sensitive being in the Star Wars cinematic universe, and get a nice hit of caffeine and sweetness to power you through your park day. Now this is a Frappuccino worth disintegrating. This is the way.