Disney California Adventure Vice President Alludes To Possible $800 Million Dollar Hollywood Land Overhaul, Black Box Dark Ride As Next Park Project After Marvel

In a recent interview with the OC Register covering what’s in store for Disney California Adventure as it heads towards its 20th anniversary, Disney California Adventure vice president Patrick Finnegan alluded to plans to make changes to Hollywood Land in the park:

“As the Avengers are moving out, we’re certainly looking at, ‘OK, does something need to move in? Does it go back to where it was?’” Finnegan said of the Hollywood Land back lot. “It’s very much something that we’re talking about.”

Hollywood Land has been littered with Marvel character meet and greets since the Super Hero HQ closed at Disneyland Park a few years back. With Avengers Campus opening this summer, the cast of characters will have a new home, leaving Hollywood Land without a lot of its current offerings and any real direction.

Donald Duck, dressed as The Incredible Hulk

We assume the “thing” that Finnegan alludes to management talking about is the long-rumored “Black Box Ride” we told you about some time ago. As you may recall, the idea for this attraction is a blank canvas of trackless ride vehicles in mostly projection-based surroundings that can change to any IP or film in a short amount of time, and regularly if desired. A ride of this style would make sense for a land celebrating movies and movie-making, being able to promote whatever franchise Disney wants at any time. Last we heard, this was slated for a 2022 opening at Disney California Adventure.

Disney California Adventure Photo Report July 26 2019

You may also recall that we informed you of a tentative $800 million budget to overhaul Hollywood Land later this decade. This is likely separate from the Black Box Ride, but it certainly could also include it if plans are pushed back due to the resurrection of the Avengers E-Ticket attraction coming in phase 2 of Avengers Campus.

What exactly is planned and what actually will be built remains to be seen, but this appears to be the first official hint that “something” is coming to Hollywood Land at Disney California Adventure.