PHOTOS: New Ink & Paint Collection Items (Wooden 3-D Models, Colorable Mickey Plush, Paint Tube Pencil Pouch, and More) Inspire You to Create at Disneyland Resort

We’re so inspired to see that the new Ink & Paint collection continues to grow! In the items we spotted today, many are hands-on and allow you to craft. Other items in the collection help you show off your artistic style. Let’s see what’s new.


Colorable Mickey Mouse with Washable Markers and Canvas Bag – $39.99

Use Mickey to unleash your creativity! This is a canvas Mickey you can actually color.

ink-and-paint-disneyland-02-01-2020-10.jpg ink-and-paint-disneyland-02-01-2020-11.jpg


Mickey comes inside a canvas bag, which you can also color. Plus, washable markers are included!



12-Sock Set – $34.99

We love sock sets! What a value. This set has 12 pairs and features some of Walt Disney’s best-known creations.


From Snow White to Peter Pan, the classics are covered.


Sorcerer Mickey 3D Wood Model and Paint Set – $24.99

You can be the engineer and the artist with this 3D wood model that includes paint. The first set features Sorcerer Mickey.

ink-and-paint-disneyland-02-01-2020-4.jpg ink-and-paint-disneyland-02-01-2020-5.jpg

Dumbo 3D Wood Model and Paint Set – $24.99

Like the Mickey version, this Dumbo also includes the model and paint.



Pinocchio 3D Wood Model and Paint Set – $24.99

In the final 3D model set, you can bring Pinocchio to life.

ink-and-paint-disneyland-02-01-2020-8.jpg ink-and-paint-disneyland-02-01-2020-9.jpg

Paint Tube Pencil Case – $19.99

This is our absolute favorite item we’ve seen in a long time. This pencil bag is shaped like a paint tube! “Mickey red” is the color.

ink-and-paint-disneyland-02-01-2020-15.jpg ink-and-paint-disneyland-02-01-2020-16.jpg ink-and-paint-disneyland-02-01-2020-17.jpgc

Sorcerer Mickey Tote Bag – $39.99

Finally, tote all your new Ink and Paint merchandise around with this sorcerer Mickey tote. It includes some of the same drawings we’ve seen on previous Ink & Paint Items.

ink-and-paint-disneyland-02-01-2020-21.jpg ink-and-paint-disneyland-02-01-2020-23.jpg ink-and-paint-disneyland-02-01-2020-24.jpg

We found all of the merch at World of Disney at Downtown Disney District in Disneyland Resort.

Which item will you use to unleash your creativity? Let us know in the comments.