PHOTOS: New Ink & Paint Watercoloring Book Adds a Splash of Color at Disneyland

The Ink & Paint collection has been spreading nostalgic charm all over the Disney Parks lately. Today, we found another piece of the collection, a beautiful Watercoloring Book loaded with classic characters for you to add your own personal touch to.

This Watercoloring Book features a beautifully illustrated cover with all of the classic characters featured in the collection.

Once you flip the page, however, the sturdy, textured pages are color-free (and sturdy to take on watercolors) as they await your creativity.

Each page features an icon from a classic film with its corresponding release year.

The last page features, of course, the most extravagant park icon there is.

We found this gem at Atwater Ink and Paint Art Supply at Disney California Adventure for $9.99.

Will you be picking up this Watercoloring Book to show off your creativity?