PHOTOS: New “Onward” Merchandise Apparates Onto Shelves at Disney California Adventure

Recently, some brand new Onward themed merchandise made its way to Walt Disney World, so we weren’t surprised when we walked into Knick’s Knacks to see the same collection had come to Disney California Adventure. Full of Onward-themed t-shirts, plushies, and toys all themed around the movie, we adore this collection. Plus, it’s a nice preview of what we should expect when the movie releases March 6th.

Onward Quest Youth Shirt – $19.99

Willowdale College Shirt – $36.99

Guinevere T-Shirt – $36.99

Barley Youth Shirt – $24.99

Onward Van Mug – $19.99

Onward Manticore’s Tavern Quest Pack – $49.99

Onward Wizard Staff – $24.99

Blazey Plush – $19.99

Wilden Lightfoot Plush – $26.99

Manticore Mascot Plush – $26.99

Barley Plush – $26.99

Ian Plush – $26.99

Onward Figurine Set – $27.99

I, for one, can’t wait to get my hands on some of the plush (I’m looking at you, Blazey) to bring with me to watch Onward when it comes out in theaters. Will you be picking up any of this magical new merchandise? Leave us a comment below!