PHOTOS: New Steamboat Minnie Balloon Souvenir Popcorn Bucket Arrives at Disneyland Resort

Starting today, Disneyland Passholders can purchase a popcorn bucket inspired by the beloved 1928 cartoon short, Steamboat Willie (while supplies last)—and get refills for only $1.50 each through March 29, 2020. We can’t resist a good popcorn bucket around here, so of course, we had to have this classic beauty.

The bucket is similar to the Mickey-shaped balloons that are popular at the resort, except it’s completely greyscale like the animated cartoon. It’s topped by Minnie’s classic sailor hat and flower. The bottom even features a frilly skirt design.

On the back, you have the AP-branded popcorn hatch, as well as a neat Disney Parks raised design.

The bucket sits flat thanks to these two raised edges, so you don’t have to worry about your popcorn toppling over.

The strap features a film strip reel with Minnie in various animated poses. On the sides, mouse glove-shaped plastic tabs snap on.

The bucket retails for $20.00. For a full list of where to purchase these new buckets and where to get your refills, click here.

Signage is out displaying some fine print for bucket purchases and refills. Annual Passholders must show their AP card and Photo ID at time of purchase, and can only refill these specific buckets. Flavored popcorn is not included, and no discounts apply on either the bucket or the refills.