PHOTOS: New “Toy Story” Pizza Planet Hat Lands at Disneyland Resort

Attention, pizza lovers! If you’re in search of a way to represent the best pizza in the galaxy, you’ll want to check out this brand new hat for everyone’s favorite pizza place––Pizza Planet from “Toy Story”!

Pizza Planet Baseball Hat – $27.99

Pizza Planet Baseball Hat - $27.99 

This white baseball hat features the Pizza Planet logo screen printed on the front in a bright red font. The actual pizza planet is located right beside the name of the intergalactic pizza chain.

Pizza Planet Baseball Hat - $27.99 

This adult hat features an adjustable band on the back, so it’ll be secured while you run out to grab the pizza in your star cluster. This hat would look great if you’re going for a Pizza Planet delivery runner look, too.

Pizza Planet Baseball Hat - $27.99 

We found this hat in World of Disney at Downtown Disney in Disneyland Resort and we’re sure to start seeing it make its way over to Walt Disney World Resort soon, too.

This hat would also look great paired with the Pizza Planet Spirit Jersey that came out last year. Will you be adding it to your Toy Story-centric wardrobe?