PHOTOS: Pins, Leggings, and a T-Shirt Join the Ink & Paint Collection Lineup at Disneyland Resort

From Mary Poppins‘ penguins to Peter Pan to a pair of pants (well, more leggings than pants), there’s a plethora of products to peruse from the Ink & Paint Collection at the Downtown Disney District!

Ink & Paint Collection Pins – $12.99 each

Each of these pins features a classic Disney character in its various stages of animation from sketch to the final product.

So far, we’ve seen one of the penguins from Mary Poppins, Peter Pan, and Alice from Alice in Wonderland in the set. When it was released at Walt Disney World, Dumbo was also included, though we’ve yet to see it at the Disneyland Resort.

Ink & Paint Collection Four-Piece Pin Set – $27.99

Celebrate Disney’s shorts and package films with this four-piece pin set! The set consists of pins featuring Ben from Ben and Me, the singing harp and Bongo from Fun and Fancy Free, and Johnny Appleseed from Melody Time.

Ink & Paint Collection Lady and the Tramp Ladies’ T-Shirt – $36.99

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, one of Disney’s most romantic movies is celebrated in this t-shirt featuring Lady and the Tramp.

The shirt features sketches of both characters, including animation and coloring notes.

And of course, the spaghetti scene is represented with a sketch.

Ink & Paint Collection Ladies’ Leggings – $24.99

Show your love of Disney animation from top to bottom with these Ink & Paint collection leggings!

Featuring the tools of the trade, including paintbrushes, artist’s palettes, and of course, Mickey outlines (because it all started with a mouse, after all), these comfy leggings are perfect for the art lover in your life.

We found all of these items at World of Disney, but they’re likely to be found at most places carrying the Ink & Paint Collection.

Which of these items draws you in? Let us know in the comments below!


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