PHOTOS: Scaffolds Up as Sky Backdrop Undergoes Repainting at Hollywood Land at Disney California Adventure

A lot of “re-” words get thrown around Hollywood. Reboot, remake, retooling — those kind of things. Over at Disney California Adventure’s Hollywood Land, the word is “repaint.”

Scaffolds have risen around the land’s sky backdrop that surrounds the Hyperion Theater; it seems to be undergoing a repainting.

Of course, the scaffolds destroy the effect the backdrop is supposed to have. The backdrop turns the theater’s walls into what’s supposed to be a “set” replicating Hollywood Boulevard.

At least while there are construction walls up for the refurbishment, there’s a picture of the famous Hollywood sign for people to take pictures with.

Hopefully the repainting doesn’t take too long, as the sky backdrop is a big piece of the land’s theming. It’s not as evident at night, but the backdrop sells the backlot concept the land tries to deliver.

Still, it’s Hollywood, and touch-ups happen every day. It’s just happening at Hollywood Land at the moment.

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