PHOTOS: Snow White’s Scary Adventures Facade Receives Colorful New Color Scheme During Refurbishment at Disneyland

Today, we got our first look at the progress towards a refurbished Snow White’s Scary Adventures attraction. Snow White’s Scary Adventures is going through a full refurbishment in Disneyland currently. The only princess-themed dark ride at Disneyland will see the removal of some of the more scary elements and the addition of a “Happily Ever After” ending.

The construction progress is taking up a large part of Fantasyland. It has jutted out in the walkway, causing a congested space between Peter Pan’s Flight and the Snow White refurbishment.

The scrims that have been in place for weeks have now been removed, revealing a more colorful facade, leaning towards iridescent gold and purple tones, similar to the Sleeping Beauty Castle redo.

We can also see that the “Snow White’s Scary Adventures” sign above the doorway has been removed. This could return in some form, but we would anticipate a name change to fit the more appropriate “Happily Ever After” theme.

If you compare these last two pictures, you can really see the stark contrast between the two color palates. The original seems a little more realistic (although still fantasy), with more muted, rustic tones. While the new pictures from today appear a little bit more fairytale-like (which admittedly makes sense for Fantasyland), with brighter, shimmering colors.

What do you think about the re-theming of the attraction? Are you a fan of the classic attraction, or do you think it was time to make it a little less scary? Let me know in the comments!