REVIEW: New Savory Pork Lumpia Now Perched at Disneyland’s Tropical Hideaway

New Pork Lumpia have rolled into Disneyland, giving us a more savory alternative to the typical sweet churro or Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Bar park snack. These lumpia are a mix of pork and vegetables in a fried “wrapper,” with just enough sweetness in the form of a chile dipping sauce. Let’s give them a try now!



A lumpia is a kind of spring roll with roots in Indonesia and the Philippines. It is also now one of our favorite snacks in Disneyland! It’s priced extremely well at two per serving and tastes great, plus it’s different from many of the options in the park.


This snack has a crispy outside with a soft inside containing pork and vegetables. We thought the pork was tender and slightly on the salty side. Some pieces seemed a little bit fatty, but not overwhelmingly so. It’s very savory and comes out super warm, with a slight crunch from the veggies. It’s easy to bite, and the sauce matched with the pork and veggies makes for a delicious taste.


The sauce is sweet, but has a subtle kick to it, making for an even more interesting flavor.


They are the perfect size for anyone looking for a small snack to keep them moving during their day at Disneyland.


The set of two Pork Lumpia cost $6.99 at Tropical Hideaway in Disneyland.

Do you have a favorite spring roll in the Disney Parks? If so, let us know your pick in the comments below.