REVIEW: New Shrimp, Ham, and Pineapple Specialty Skewer with Piña Colada Sauce is Wildly Tasty at Bengal Barbecue in Disneyland

Do you like piña coladas? Pineapple, ham, and shrimp? Down at Bengal Barbecue, there’s a snack we can’t skip.

But seriously, there’s a new specialty skewer featuring shrimp, spiced ham, and pineapple in a piña colada sauce, and we just had to check it out!

Each skewer gives you two pieces of each item.

Sure, it looks great, but how does it taste? Let’s find out!

Thankfully, this tangy skewer is delicious!

The piña colada sauce was the best part. We wish there was more of it. It added a sweet fruity flavor to all of the items on the skewer. It was light, but it coated all the food.

Starting with the ham; it’s salty and spicy but to the perfect degree. It adds a kick to the combination of flavors that was much-needed. The consistency was a tad bit chewy, but not terrible.

Personally, I think pineapple complements ham perfectly, but I know others disagree.

As the ham was somewhat salty, the pineapple is sweet enough to neutralize the saltiness well.

The cooked pineapple kept that sweet flavor but also had that smoky flavor complementing it as it had been grilled.

While the shrimp was good, it was probably our least favorite part.

The flavor just wasn’t there with these, and we found them to be a little bland. The shrimp itself had a great consistency though, and was easy to bite.

Overall, all these items compliment each other nicely and make for the perfect tangy treat. At $6.49, this skewer offers a new unique, lower-priced option to the park that I would get again.

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