New Disneyland App Update Suggests Expanded Use of Virtual Queues at Disney Parks

Here at WDWNT, we’ve been tracking the distribution of Boarding Groups for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance since the ride debuted here at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and then again after it opened in Disneyland. Today, we noticed some tinkering with the Boarding Group system, and as was first reported by Twitter user @Hastin, it appears an expansion of the Boarding Group/virtual queue system may be imminent for Disney Parks.

Wording throughout the Disneyland App has changed most mentions of Boarding Groups to simply “virtual queue”, including a new section called “My Queues”, which appears to have slots for numerous attractions. Theoretically, the same virtual queue process could be used for the new WEB SLINGERS: A Spider Man Adventure attraction debuting with the Avengers Campus on July 18th.

Do note that these are currently just tests, and that the new “My Queues” screens won’t appear for all Disneyland App users until it’s finalized and fully rolled out.

Are you looking forward to the broader use of virtual queues across the parks, or bemoan the loss of the classic Stand-By queue? Let us know what you think in the comments!

2 thoughts on “New Disneyland App Update Suggests Expanded Use of Virtual Queues at Disney Parks”

  1. I sure hope not!!! My fear would be you have to get there early morning to get a boarding group for the rest of the day for all your rides. Families who get there mid day might not have a chance to get on rides. Totally hate this idea!!

  2. This is all such nonsense. If this happens to most or all rides, we will NEVER be able to ride anything again due to the people who live close to the parks being so greedy and continuously getting on the rides every day. Why can’t we just keep things the same, you want to ride a ride… wait in line!!!

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