PHOTOS: Cozy Cone Motel Now Fully Closed for Refurbishment in Cars Land at Disney California Adventure

Radiator Springs sure is seeing a lot of improvements these days, starting with an expanded Casa Della Tires over at Luigi’s and now, a full-on refurb for the Cozy Cone Motel. The full set of quick-service kiosks is now behind construction walls as the cones are repainted and refurbished for the future enjoyment of guests.

Earlier last week, we noticed that scaffolding had gone up over the top parts of the cones, with small breaks in the construction fencing to allow guests to reach the ordering windows. Now, the construction fence covers the full length of the food kiosk row.

While menu boards are still posted outside, none of the cones are serving snacks at this time.

No end date has been specified for this refurbishment, but it’s likely that due to Cars Land’s proximity to the upcoming new Avengers Campus, they’re looking to paint and prime the area for increased guest traffic, and have it looking its best. The area does smell strongly of paint, so we wouldn’t be surprised if the cones reopened briefly in between coats.

If you’re pining for a Chili Cone Queso, you may have to wait a few days, but at least there’s alway’s Flo’s across the road.