PHOTOS: Giant Luigi’s Casa Della Tires Facade Being Used to Hide New Backstage Building in Cars Land, Disney California Adventure

Mamma mia! It seems Luigi and Guido have struck tire gold in Radiator Springs, as they’re seeing a large expansion for their lucrative Casa Della Tires storefront in Disney’s California Adventure.

We’ve seen construction going up behind Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roadsters for some time now, and while at first it was attributed to nearby developments for the upcoming Avengers Campus, it seems the new space is being prepped to accommodate new backstage facilities, reportedly for the Entertainment department. Let’s-a take a closer look at the latest construction, shall we?

While scaffolding is still up across the back of the attraction, you’ll notice some clever themed elements popping up, like curved wires for tires or a sign similar to Luigi’s storefront.

The construction can be seen from the queue as well as on the ride itself. You see contrasting rectangles in blue and dark blue across the facade, for now.

In terms of story, Cars Land itself isn’t perfectly tailored to the Cars movie franchise, obviously. When they first built the land, there was a planned Flo’s expansion, which appeared in Cars 2, but never made it to fruition in the land itself. That being said, this would be a big modification that doesn’t sit in line with the films, which kind of goes against the general concept of the land. How this new edifice will be wedged into the land’s storyline is still unknown, but it’s clear that the structure will be indelibly tied to Luigi.

What do you think of this new aesthetic popping up behind Rollickin’ Roadsters?