PHOTOS: New Class of 2020 Socks, Plush, and Ornaments Bring Pomp and Circumstance to Disneyland Resort

We’re just weeks away from the start of graduation season, and some new merchandise has brought some pomp and circumstance to the Downtown Disney District. Socks, plush and ornaments are all here to celebrate the class of 2020!

Class of 2020 Socks – $14.99

Now you can bring some Disney style as you walk to receive your diploma with these Class of 2020 socks!

These blue socks replace the first zero in 2020 with the outline of Mickey Mouse’s head .

Class of 2020 Minnie Mouse Plush – $21.99

Minnie’s got her cap and gown and is ready to graduate!

The robe features symbols of the Disney parks, with a sash that reads “Class of 2020.”

Class of 2020 Mickey Mouse Plush – $21.99

It looks like Mickey’s got his diploma too with his plush!

The plush features the same accessories as the Minnie plush.

And he’s got his trademark yellow shoes!

Graduation Mickey Mouse Ornament – $21.99

So what do you once you’ve got your diploma? It’s selfie time!

I’ll give this ornament credit: there’s an image on the phone that seems to line up well with the pose of the ornament.

Way to go, Mickey!

Graduation Minnie Mouse Ornament – $21.99

Minnie’s got some knowledge of her own, and she wants a selfie, too!

The alignment of the picture isn’t quite as lined up with the posing of the ornament as the Mickey one.

Still, there’s plenty of merchandise to show off the graduate in your life! We found these at World of Disney, but we expect you’ll be able to find these all around the Disneyland Resort.


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