PHOTOS: New Live-Action “Mulan” Merchandise Arrives at Disneyland Resort

Mulan merchandise has ascended to both coasts now with the release of additional merchandise seen at World of Disney at the Downtown Disney District. The new movie hits theaters on March 27th, so grab your gear and get ready for the movie!

Mulan & Mushu Mugs – $22.99

Matching Mulan and Mushu mugs are featured here with Cri-Kee sitting ready to jump in your coffee on the Mushu mug in particular.

Mulan Tumbler – $19.99

Mulan is seen clutching a magnolia with various other golden magnolia flowers etched all over the tumbler.

Mulan Live-Action Doll Set – $49.99

A live action rendering of Mulan, this doll features both of Mulan’s iconic ways of dress. Her warrior look, along with her more traditional wear that will feature at the beginning of her journey.

The back features a description of Hua Mulan, being a fearless and spirited eldest daughter of an honored warrior who sets out on an adventure that will transform her into a legendary warrior.

Mulan Sword – $24.99

This new light-up sword is surely a gift from the ancestors and will help Mulan or any aspiring young warrior bring honor to her family. The sword has blue and red spirits coursing through the blade.

Mulan Warrior Costume – $99.99

For any young warrior this Mulan costume will be a must. If you are going to fight Shen Yu, you must come prepared with the proper armor!


This new Mulan mini backpack from Danielle Nicole is made to look like Mulan’s armor. It’s a fierce look for anyone that is a fan of the movie.

Mulan’s sword is a nice subtle touch for the bag. It is snuck directly over the middle zipper of the bag.

Mulan “Loyal, Brave, True” Youth Tee – $24.99

For any young heroine, you must me loyal, brave and true, like Mulan. This youth tee will surely bring honor to us all. It’s hard to top “Reflection”, but we think “Loyal, Brave, True” is a good progression, too.

Mulan Faded Hoodie – $44.99


Loyal, Brave, True appears to be the mantra of the upcoming film as we see another shout-out on this adult version. The faded gray drawstring hoodie features large Chinese influence with lettering on the front and sides of the shirt.

Mulan True Leader Tee – $36.99

Mulan is featured in a warrior pose with her long Dao sword extended over this white shirt with gold flake accents.

Mulan “Alex and Ani” Bracelet – $49.99

Mulan is the embodiment of “Live with Honor.” It makes sense that both the lotus flower and the accompanying quote would be featured on this Alex and Ani bracelet.

 Mulan Disney Parks Collection Pins –

Are you excited to see the upcoming movie? Do you think this will be the best of the remakes – I personally think that Jungle Book still has not been topped but Mulan looks like it’s going to be great.