PHOTOS: New “Mulan” Shoulder Mushu Plush Brings Honor to Us All at Disneyland Resort

With the live action “Mulan” drawing closer to its theatrical debut, we’re certainly getting more excited to see our favorite warrior of China saving the day. Although a certain dragon won’t be making its appearance in the upcoming film, you can bring along your own version of Mushu, who’s travel sized, for your convenience.

Mushu is seen here in a felt and plush form, ready to assist you in any of your adventures! He sits a little bit differently than the other shoulder plush figures we’ve seen, such as Pascal or Baby Groot, but he’s still sure to look great on top of your shoulder.

From the side, you can see that his arms will help him rest on top of your shoulder. The magnet for Mushu is right under his chin, so he’ll rest a bit more on your back than directly on your shoulder.

From the back, you can see his ridges that stand up, as well as the attention to detail that’s gone into crafting this little guardian.

Inside the attached tag, you can find how to make sure that Mushu stays secure for your day out. This easy, four-step diagram helps you with the placement of the magnet shoulder patch under your shirt before placing Mushu on top.

We spotted him earlier this week in Walt Disney World, and now he’s made his way over to the Disneyland Resort. If you’re in need of a little honor, make sure you pick him up at the Emporium at Disneyland for only $19.99.