REVIEW: New “Magic Happens” Sorcerer Mickey Layer Cake at the Plaza Inn in Disneyland

Disneyland has been going all out in celebration of the parks’ new spectacular, “Magic Happens”, and nothing says a Disney celebration like specialty treats. So far, we’ve seen everything from hot dogs to a Sleeping Beauty-inspired cupcake, and today, we found a Sorcerer Mickey-inspired layer cake at the Plaza Inn.

Sorcerer Mickey Cake – $5.99

The presentation of this cake is adorable, with the icing being a wonderfully dark blue, just like Mickey’s robes. The whole thing is covered in a gold sparkle dust and edible stars.

The hat, which is a waffle cone, is also covered in a blue shimmer and is flanked by two chocolate pieces, for his mouse ears. Just one look at this dessert and you know it’s made for our favorite mouse.

For taste, the white cake is moist and dense, with a very soft and sweet flavor. The inside filing, which is berry, was sweet, but was paired against a cream cheese frosting, making it not too sweet.

The outside frosting was good, but not the strongest part of the cake. Mickey’s hat was a fresh waffle cone coated in chocolate, which was a genius idea and made for a really great cake topper. Not only was this cake presented beautifully, but it was delicious as well.

You can find this cake at the Plaza Inn at Disneyland for $5.99 and we highly recommend giving it a try.