REVIEW: New Peanut Butter and Jelly Slush Isn’t the Greatest Invention at Maurice’s Treats in Disneyland

It’s peanut butter jelly time at Maurice’s Treats in Fantasy Faire at Disneyland, and while we typically rave about Maurice’s donuts, the new Peanut Butter and Jelly Slush really needs some work.

You can find Maurice’s Treats in Fantasy Faire, next to Sleeping Beauty Castle. The Peanut Butter and Jelly Slush is listed under the beverage menu for $7.49.

The Peanut Butter and Jelly Slush comes topped with a sugar-coated cake donut and swirls of grape slush mixed with peanut butter sauce.

While the slush looks great, it’s the strongly-flavored artificial grape flavor that overpowers the majority of it that really put us off. There’s peanut butter sauce swirled on the cup, but not actual peanut butter, making the peanut butter flavor scarce and not as full-bodied. The sips with peanut butter aren’t bad, but there’s not a ton of it in there, so you don’t get the full “PB&J” experience with every sip, mainly just sips of overly sugary grape slush.

Our taste buds were left rather frazzled from the grapey, sugary overload of this drink, and not in a pleasant way.

As far as the donut topper goes, it tasted pretty good. It was very soft, very fresh, and even had purple granulated sugar mixed in with the regular sugar for colorful specks throughout.

Overall, this slush takes a good picture, and is admittedly very cute, but we don’t fully understand why a frozen drink was introduced in the middle of winter (especially considering how cold it is in Anaheim right now.) Between that, the lack of promised peanut butter, and the overall sugar coma this induces, we can’t fully recommend it.

If you really want donuts, go to Maurice’s, but stay away from this monstrosity. Like a lot of Maurice’s early inventions, this one just doesn’t work.

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  1. I think a grape or strawberry milkshake with peanut butter swirl would be much better than a slush. Milk, pb&j is what I always remember from my childhood!

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