VIDEO: Watch Freddy Martin’s Hilarious “World Famous Jungle Cruise: Quarantined Skipper Super Cut” Spiel Compilation Featuring Skippers From Across the Years

Is anyone else out there really missing Jungle Cruise right now? (Okay, maybe not the people from the sinking boat.) With the parks around the world closed and many of us stuck in quarantine, you’re no doubt finding yourself dreaming of your favorite rides. With the amazing Adventureland Day now behind us, and the Jungle Cruise movie still a bit too far out of reach in the future, we needed some cringy-yet-brilliant belly laughs and dad jokes to keep spirits high and see us through these difficult times.

Thankfully, our friend Freddy Martin has come to the rescue. He has assembled a crew of Skippers, past and present, from both the Jungle Cruise rides in Disneyland and Magic Kingdom, and you know that can only mean one thing. Together, they have created a laugh-out-loud video of their best deadpan one-liners, and we can’t wait for you to see it. Behold, “the stupendous, the 8th wonder of the world… The World Famous Jungle Cruise: Quarantined Skipper Super Cut!


We hope you enjoyed that much-needed comic relief. We loved seeing how skippers are working their hardest to keep the magic of the jungle alive, even while the parks are closed! Freddy Martin listed the full cast list in order of appearance on his video post:

Cast (in order of appearance):

Skipper Sam, Skipper Romel, Skipper Jen, Skipper Shannon, Skipper Kipp, Dr. David Skipper Marley, Skipper George, Skipper Tim, Skipper Chris, Skipper “Captain” Kurt, Skipper Jamie, Skipper Cindy, Skipper Emily, Skipper Kyle, Skipper Gable, Skipper Sarah, Skipper Rudy, Skipper Chuck, Skipper Karl, Skipper Josh, Skipper “TiKay” Trevor, Skipper Alex, Skipper Eddie, Skipper “Right Guard” Ian, Skipper Larry, Skipper Brian, Skipper Brooke, Skipper “Jungle” Jen, Skipper Nathan, Skipper “Congo” Craig, Skipper Heather, Skipper Joey, Skipper Joey too, Skipper Sarah too, Skipper Steven-with-a-V, Skipper Freddy, Skipper Will, Skipper Chris too, Skipper Leah, Skipper “Krash” Kristen, Skipper Michael, Future Skipper Jack, Skipper Rachel, Skipper Cat

If you have been having fun re-creating or putting your own fun spin on attractions from the comfort of your own homes, let us know! We’d love to see them!

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