New Minnie Mouse Main Street Collection by Dooney & Bourke Coming to shopDisney on April 24

The queen of every kingdom, Minnie Mouse, stuns on the newest release of Dooney & Bourke handbags. On the larger tote, adorned in a her signature bow, a stylish striped tee and miniskirt, Minnie sits at a bistro table in front of the castle while buildings that have a very similar look to those on Main Street rest behind her. The cup she’s holding and the shades on the windows behind her are covered in her polka dots, showing who’s really boss in the kingdom. The allover-printed smaller tote shows more scenes of Minnie, from a tower, from a park bench, and walking along the street. The butterflies dancing around her paint a peaceful picture of Minnie in her happy place.

This new release will be available on shopDisney tomorrow, April 24th, and while no prices were given, we can assume it’ll be similar to the price point that the other Dooney & Bourke releases have been marked.