shopDisney Charges Guests Multiple Times Due to Website Glitches During Latest “Minnie Mouse: The Main Attraction” Collection Release

If you were among the thousands of shoppers that descended upon the shopDisney website on Saturday morning in an attempt to obtain items from the latest “it’s a small world” release for the Minnie Mouse: The Main Attraction collection, then you probably shared in the collective frustration of website glitches, sold-out items, and in some cases, hundreds of dollars charged to your account.

Knowledge of the website’s issues on Saturday morning was widespread, with many merchandise fans taking to social media to vent about lagging or unresponsive pages, getting logged out repeatedly, or payments that refused to go through.

I was among the lucky few who couldn’t even get the website to open at 9:59 AM (EST). Instead of loading, it’d give me a blank, white screen with a tiny “Refresh” button in the middle. (In the aftermath, I did read that many others using Safari experienced similar issues, and I’d probably recommend using a different browser for the next release.)

By the time I did manage to get through and get the items I wanted into my bag, the system refused to log me in. I’d enter my username and password only for it to refresh and still not have me logged in. Guest Checkout did not work, either. Like many other shoppers that day, I eventually gave up and figured this was a divine message telling me to not spend $80 on park accessories in the middle of a pandemic.

However, some lucky guests who were able to complete checkout were then in for a not-so-lucky surprise, as many reported to be severely overcharged. One of our contributors here at WDWNT mentioned in our chat as the shopDisney issues persisted, “You know those horror stories of people having thousands taken from their cards when transactions revert back to their cart? Yeah, it just happened to me. Disney took $500. I’ve only succeeded in a $27 purchase. Been on hold for an hour…” Throughout the remainder of the weekend, we’ve had multiple others contact us with similar issues of being charged multiple times (11 times in some cases), resulting in an astronomic charge for merchandise.

If you were affected by these website crashes or glitches, you can give shopDisney Guest Services a call at (800) 328-0368 in the U.S., or otherwise click here to check in on the status of your order. The May release is set to go live on May 16, and will be themed to the Enchanted Tiki Room. With Disney Parks and Disney Stores closed throughout the nation until further notice, shopDisney is currently the only way to obtain these limited-release items.

We’d love to hear about your experiences with shopDisney’s latest limited release. Were you able to get the items you wanted, or were they sold out before you got to them just minutes into the release? Were you among those charged multiple times? What’s your strategy for the next upcoming release? Let us know in the comments below.

9 thoughts on “shopDisney Charges Guests Multiple Times Due to Website Glitches During Latest “Minnie Mouse: The Main Attraction” Collection Release”

  1. It took me 2 hrs of constant refreshing and trying to pay to get the pin set. I was shocked and excited that I got it though! I saw others comment they were over charged on Instagram so I checked to be sure and I wasn’t, thank goodness.

  2. I was one of the lucky ones that was charged multiple times and when I called shopdisney on Sunday 4/19/2020, I was told be the representative that it was to late and the orders were already being processed. She proceeded to tell me it that the issues was due to my system. That I needed to reset my router and browser. She also said that if I am going to use the browser and not the app that I should only use google chrome. Keep in mind this is not the first time I have placed an order. Now I have to wait for the orders to be delivered and refuse them or take them back to the delivery company and tell them to send it back. Glad to hear it was not my fault (even though I knew it wasn’t). As a former sales/customer service representative you should not make the customer feel like it was their fault especially when you know there was a glitch!

  3. I was charged twice for the pin set but noticed it was immediately refunded. I didn’t have to call in to get a refund. This entire experience was extremely frustrating and I actually started crying at one point. LOL!!! It took my two hours to get the pins. I kept refreshing for two hours and finally it went through. I gave up on the ears because it kept saying “one or more items in your cart are out of stock”. So I removed the ears from my cart, to at least get something. Ended having to buy the ears on EBay. No fun at all!!!

  4. I was only focusing on ordering the cup. I had similar issues, not letting me log in, payment methods not going through, pages not loading, and it took a little under an hour to finally complete the purchase. No multiple charges though!

  5. I had the merchandise in my cart, when I went to pay it gave me a white screen. This was only 2 minutes into it. Refreshed my screen, everything sold out. The same thing happened last month. I don’t think is fair that some people are able to buy multiple items then sale them on ebay for ridiculous prices. Very disappointing Disney.

  6. The website was glitchy and I was having problems logging in, having problems putting in my credit card information. I was double charged twice and never received a confirmation number on my purchases so I’m not sure if I actually got the items or not.

  7. I logged it at 7am and sure enough the lag time the repeated log in and computer froze.. I logged in from my phone and then tried my laptop 😿 nothing over and over tried and tried till about 10am I gave up figured everything was sold out. About 11 am I started seeing people on Facebook say stuff was going through so it tried again I really only wanted the plush but I was unable to load that into my cart so I tried the pins and it actually let me buy them. I thought to myself at least I got something. I tried again for the plush with no luck So I tried for the loungefly and it let me buy the bag. I stopped there 😾 checked my account and sure enough I had 3 charges for two purchases and only one of the amounts matched my order amount 😦 I was shocked and confused. Then later on about 4pm I started seeing cHat about the plush being available and I tried to buy it and was successful 🥴 when that was initially the only item I wanted. Ughh now I’m waiting on the shipments and for the extra charges to drop off.

  8. Obtaining the limited release has been so disappointing. The last 4 months I’ve been logged in by 7am, the site then glitches until I can finally put the ears in my basket, only to find upon check out that they are sold out.
    I’ve purchased Jan,February and March on EBay for between 80$-$100(March). April’s are already on eBay and Mercari for upwards of $200.00.
    I understand Disney has bigger problems right now than this, but I really wish there was a way to ensure the guests and fans who love and want these items for personal use had a better chance at obtaining them for a fair price. People are taking advantage, and it’s not right.
    I’m really looking forward to May, it’s my birthday month and The Tiki Room is a favorite! Wish me luck that the Internet will be kind to me on the third Saturday of May 🙂 All of the months have been executed beautifully.
    My only complaint is not being able to purchase through Disney, and having to get price gauged by a third party seller to obtain the collection.
    Thank you for listening and be well and safe 🙂

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