VIDEO: Actor and Disney Fan Drake Bell Shares “The Haunted Mansion” Home Edition on TikTok

Actor and major Disney fan Drake Bell (yes, of Nickelodeon’s Drake & Josh) has taken to TikTok to share his very own homemade version of the classic Haunted Mansion attraction. A California native and frequent visitor to Disneyland, Drake Bell seems to miss the parks as much as we do. In his TikTok video compilation, Bell shows off some of his unique collection of Haunted Mansion merchandise, including full-length prints of the infamous stretching room portraits, a Hatbox Ghost figure, and the weathered plaque that hangs at the attraction’s entrance.

If you look closely, he even has a Haunted Mansion lenticular portrait of himself! (These used to be available at Memento Mori in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom until they were replaced with the new Host-A-Ghost jars last year… which later ended up at the outlets.) In any case, enjoy a bit of more homemade Disney with Drake Bell’s fascinating TikTok below. (If you can’t view the video on your browser, you can check it out on TikTok here!)

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