Kingdom Hearts Reportedly in Development as Animated Series for Disney+

Kingdom Hearts fans have been a very loyal and dedicated fan base over the years, following the story across a variety of gaming consoles. However, a new platform is reportedly in the works to continue on the story of Light versus Dark. Square Enix’s Kingdom Hearts video game is apparently in development of getting an animated television show that would be available on Disney+.

While nothing has been officially stated by Disney on this matter, there’s been a bit of discourse about it on Twitter, which has our hopes up for this being a possibility in the future.

Emre Kaya, a writer for The Cinema Spot, got the discussion started by tweeting that Square Enix was asked to make a pilot using the animation software that was used in the video games, as things didn’t work out well with Disney.

It was with Kaya’s tweet that we also discovered that it would most likely be an animated show, as most fans were worried what a live-action version of this video game could look like. After seeing how 20th Century Fox’s Assassin’s Creed movie turned out, fans have the right to be worried when it comes to adapting video games into live action media.

The conversation only continued to grow when Skyler Shuler, The DisInsider editor-in-chief, added more information regarding the development of the show.

It would be a series, rather than a movie. Whether the series would follow the events of the video games or tell a new story, we’re currently unsure. It hasn’t been reported if the voice actors for the main characters of the game like Sora, Roxas, Aqua or Axel would have a part in the show. However, the voices actors for Goofy (Bill Farmer) and Donald (Tony Anselmo) would be reprising their role, as well as Jim Cummings, who voices many beloved Disney characters.

While nothing is officially reported or has a release date been announced, the idea of this becoming a reality is definitely exciting. If you’re looking for more Kingdom Hearts content, check out our in-depth review and discussion on Kingdom Hearts III or read about the latest development in Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road, which has currently been delayed.

More exciting announcements regarding the Kingdom Hearts franchise should be occurring next month, according to the Kingdom Hearts Twitter account, but continue to follow WDWNT for the latest developments regarding the video games and possible TV show coming soon.