shopDisney Releases Statement Regarding “Technical Issues” Affecting Star Wars May the 4th Merchandise Release

If you’re among the thousands of guests that descended upon shopDisney this morning with a faint glimmer of hope at being able to obtain any of the new May the 4th releases for Star Wars Day, you probably noticed the odds were not in your favor.

Despite implementing a new virtual waiting room to ensure fair chances for all to obtain merchandise, the same issues that have been plaguing the shopDisney website and app for the past month for limited edition pin releases and the Minnie Mouse: The Main Attraction monthly collection nearly rendered the site unusable.

First, the site had its customary full-on crash the moment the items became live at 10:00 AM (ET). Then, as guests scrambled for each item, some were faced with immediate “out of stock” notices, while others had to make repeat attempts at adding them to their cart. And that’s just where the fun begins.

All I wanted was a single Spirit Jersey, shopDisney.

Completing check-out has been impossible for nearly everyone––even if you managed to add the items to your cart and proceeded to sign in or fill out your address and billing info, no payments would process in order to complete the order. Some guests have also reported being continuously stuck inside the virtual waiting room with seemingly no sign of being transferred to an item page.

At 11:49 AM (ET), nearly two hours after the official launch, shopDisney released the following statement:

“We’re aware of the technical issues that you are currently experiencing and working quickly to resolve them. Our apologies for the inconvenience and thank you so much for your patience.”

It is unknown whether additional stock of these limited edition items will be released. Various screenshots of the same items that sold out within seconds being resold on eBay at increasingly high markups have been spotted all across social media, as automated bots have been snatching up limited release items before actual humans can get through the checkout process.

Did you brave the virtual lines on shopDisney to get your Star Wars merchandise fix this morning? Did you succeed in your mission? Let us know in the comments. And if you aren’t looking to wait in any lines, virtual or otherwise, you can shop tons of Star Wars Day deals from other retailers like LEGO, Her Universe, and more by clicking here.

12 thoughts on “shopDisney Releases Statement Regarding “Technical Issues” Affecting Star Wars May the 4th Merchandise Release”

  1. I had so many problems from being stuck in a virtual line and never seeing the item to getting some items in my cart , trying to check out and having multiple problems signing in , then only to find out , the items I wanted are sold out. I’m so angry and disappointed

  2. Accurate information. The whole thing was horrible. Poorly managed. Two hours of effort for zero return.
    COME ON DISNEY IT… get yer act together!!!
    I work and manage a team in IT that sends people into SPACE.. you can surely get yer web site to function without BOTS taking over.

  3. I was able to get in and add to my cart and get all the way to the end of the billing screen before it would crash. I got this far at least 50 times before giving up. So lame and so frustrating. Why? Why Disney, this has been just a frustrating waste of time!!

  4. Completely accurate. I had the items I wanted in my cart and was unable to check out. After an hour I gave up. Then I was seeing posts online that items may still be available so I tried again. I was able to add items again only to find out they were now sold out. I’m not sure going out of my way to purchase something is worth 2+ hours of my day. Something has to be done to make this process easier.

  5. It was so frustrating! I actually made it to check out(several times) but spent over an hour trying to process my payment as the computer just stayed in ‘circle mode’. I finally got worried and shut the page down and of course, then I couldn’t get it back at all!

  6. I got what I wanted from the stores after 5 hours of putting my payment info over and over ! They need to figure something out to manage “glitches” and keep bots out !

  7. If this is any indication of how the virtual queues will be when Disneyland re-opens it doesn’t look good. Disney needs to do more to stop people from pricing gouging items! I saw the Disney Star Wars key listed for over $80.00…

  8. It was extremely frustrating to wake up early, be on my computer ready to purchase the limited edition mugs and not be able to complete my transaction after 50 minutes of repeatedly trying. I was able to get the mug into my cart and get through the check out process after multiple tries only to have my order fail before I could submit my order. I was very upset that I wasn’t able to make my purchase. The limit of mugs to purchase was 10. I don’t understand why any average customer would need 10 mugs. The site is set up to allow bots or people who are buying with the purpose of selling at a much higher price on eBay. Please limit to 1 or 2 to give those of us that just want a mug for personal use a chance. Show your customers that you care.

  9. I tried ordering one Star Wars Day Key for my daughter, whose birthday it was today. I get we’re in covid-19. I get there is a shortage of department resources, but to have underestimated the capacity at which this morning’s disaster really was is just beyond comprehension. Seeing sellers have these items posted up while im still in a holding que for 30min since 7am, then credit card info was entered and submitted but waiting for over 1h30m for it to complete is unconscionable.
    Every time there is a special release, there are always issues. I cannot fathom that there is still no fair way to resolve these issues.
    Yes life goes on, yes i wont have a key. You win some you lose some. Unfortunately it seems as though i always lose when it comes to disney merchandise.

  10. I had my items and while trying to process my payment , I just got a blue circle of death . That circle spun for over 45 minutes then finally dropped off only to not get my items I was trying to purchase! Disney needs a better system on how , when & where to release new items . Very disappointed and heartbreaking to sit and watch the screen and not get thru

  11. I am a huge Disney fan who has been so disappointed with the shop disney site! It is beyond upsetting each time a new release comes out on the site and there’s an apology by shop disney that they are working on it! It’s been an issue for more than two years! I’ve called customer service and am always told the items are sold out, sorry. How is that possible when you are on the site as soon as items drop? It needs to actually be resolved or disney will lose business from lifelong Fans! I’m hoping the issues will be resolved before this months Minnie Mouse the main attraction release
    a very disappointed disney fan!!

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