VIDEO: Excited Fan Gives Shout-Out to Extinct Disney California Adventure Attraction Superstar Limo After Winning “The Price is Right”

We all love a good game show, and can’t help but feel the excitement among contestants as their names are called to “Come on down!” and take their shot at winning big.

One recent contestant on CBS’s “The Price is Right” has earned himself high praise amongst the Disney fan community for his particularly endearing outburst of on-screen excitement this week. Upon meeting the host of the show, the thrilled winner, named Daniel, shouted out: “You’re Drew Carey… you were on Superstar Limo in Disney California Adventure, the greatest thing ever!”

For those unaware, Superstar Limo was an extremely short-lived attraction in Disney California Adventure. It was a dark ride located in the Hollywood Land part of the park, opening in February 2001 and closing after less than a year in January 2002. The inspiration behind the ride was to create a feeling of stardom amongst guests, who would sit in a limo-style ride vehicle, swerving amongst stylised caricature models of celebrities and the paparazzi. One of these celebrities was Drew Carey, the unsuspecting host from “The Price is Right”. We wonder if he is as passionate towards the ride as Daniel clearly is?

After seeing his excitement, Daniel has been highly praised by sentimental fans of the closed attraction. The clip was shared on Twitter by user cegoodman2, who stated that “This was a great day for Daniel, and for Superstar Limo fans all over the world”.

Superstar Limo has now been replaced by the Monsters, Inc. Mike & Sulley to the Rescue! attraction. Do you remember the ride, and would you be as excited as Daniel to meet one of its stars? To find out more about the ride, you can check out Episode 4 of “The Imagineering Story” on Disney+, which takes a closer look at the development of Disney California Adventure and its attractions.

Featured Image: CBS