“Minnie Mouse: The Main Attraction” Merchandise Releases Temporarily Suspended on shopDisney

It would appear that Minnie has gone on summer vacation… at least for now. A new update to the “Minnie Mouse: The Main Attraction” landing page on shopDisney has put the collectible series on pause, at least through the summer.

The notice states the following:

Minnie Will Return Soon
Minnie has headed on summer vacation! Stay tuned and check back right here for the upcoming releases of Series 6 through 12. You won’t miss a thing as you build your magical collection.

Releases for Series 6 though 12 will supposedly receive new release dates, according to this update.

Series 6, themed to Peter Pan’s Flight, was scheduled for a June release this Saturday. The website has now updated the listing to merely say “Available soon!”, with no official release date. The newly-announced Series 7 collection, themed to King Arthur Carousel, lists no release date at all. According to the original release schedule, these would’ve gone live on the third Saturday in July.

It’s unknown when shopDisney will unveil the new on-sale dates for the upcoming series releases. Do keep in mind that even with select resorts and theme parks in Walt Disney World reopening in June and July (respectively), all limited edition merchandise releases will continue to be available solely on shopDisney until further notice.