Disney to Launch International General Entertainment Streaming Service Under Star Brand in 2021

In 2021, Disney will be launching an international general entertainment streaming service under the Star brand. Star, or Star India Private Limited, was a subsidiary of 20th Century Fox, which Disney has now acquired.

Disney CEO Bob Chapek announced this streaming service during the third quarter earnings call on Tuesday. Star will be similar to Hulu, offering more general entertainment for a broader, more mature audience. Disney opted to launch the streaming service under the Star brand instead of Hulu because Star appeals to a broader international audience. Star is especially well-known in Asian countries.

The unnamed streaming service will likely be separate from Disney+, like Hulu is. Disney+ Hotstar, or simply Hotstar, is a streaming service that combines both the Star and Disney brands in India. Hotstar is set to launch in Singapore later this year.

Disney+ recently surpassed 60.5 million subscribers, and Chapek announced the live-action Mulan would premiere online in September.