Governor Gavin Newsom Outlines New COVID-19 Guidelines, Discussions on Disneyland Reopening Forthcoming

With Walt Disney World back up and running in its phased reopening, West Coast Disney fans are waiting for their parks to reopen. Disneyland Resort may be ready for its reopening, but state governance is still determining when and how that’ll be possible. In a press conference held today, California Governor Gavin Newsom outlined new COVID-19 reopening guidelines, including a four tier color-coded system representing various risk levels and what business operations can continue at those levels.

Under these new guidelines, Purple represents “widespread risk, Red “substantial” risk, Orange “moderate” risk, and Yellow, the lowest level, represents “minimal” risk. Levels are determined based on new case numbers and positivity rates.

During the press conference, Governor Newsom confirmed that his office is in talks to discuss the reopening of the theme parks, as they are opting to set those businesses aside for a “dynamic conversation.” Theme parks were otherwise not mentioned in today’s update, but discussions are forthcoming, with a meeting on the docket this very afternoon regarding the reopening of Disneyland and other parks.

These guidelines are set to be in place through flu season and the next few months. In the meantime, lights are back on at Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure in preparation for the parks’ imminent reopening.