NEW Pluto 90th Anniversary Key and Toy Story 25th Anniversary Key Coming to shopDisney

The next round of shopDisney’s collectible keys are celebrating two major animated anniversaries. The first is Pluto’s 90th birthday.

This key will be available through the new MerchPass system. Entries will open on Thursday September 3 at 7:00 AM PT.

Pluto first appeared in the 1930 short film The Chain Gang. This key has yellow and green accents, Pluto’s signature colors, and features the dog facing off with his original black-and-white self. The end of the key is shaped like a Disney castle and the “D” handle has pawprints.

After the Pluto key, shopDisney will be releasing a Toy Story key celebrating the franchise’s 25th anniversary. The first Toy Story film was released November 22, 1995. This key features Buzz and Woody with the years 1995 and 2020 next to them. The “D” handle of the key has the cloud pattern of Andy’s bedroom and the end of the key has the Luxo lamp and Pixar ball. We do not yet know when this key will be available, but it will likely also be sold through the MerchPass system.

Will you be trying to snag the Pluto or Toy Story key from shopDisney? Let us know in the comments.