PHOTOS: NEW “Sleeping Beauty” Maleficent Horned Headband Arrives at Disney Parks

It’s good to be bad. And now with this new Maleficent horn headband, it can be fashionable, too. Summon dark sorcery with this new headband, fashioned after the with iconic horned headdress of the Mistress of all Evil from Sleeping Beauty.

The padded horns feature all-over iridescent glitter against a black background. Purple sequins spiral around each horn, with a light green velvet lining on the headband.

All you need now is a couple of crow henchmen, a staff… and maybe a spindle. You can currently find the ears inside World of Disney at Downtown Disney in Disneyland Resort, but they’re also available online, and should soon be making an appearance at Walt Disney World just in time for Halloween.