PHOTOS: NEW “The Haunted Mansion” Merchandise Collection Will Make You Scream with Delight at Disneyland Resort

If you would like to add some hot and cold running chills to your home, take a look at this new “The Haunted Mansion” merchandise we found in Downtown Disney.

“The Haunted Mansion” Wristlet – $60.00

If you only need to carry the essentials, and want to look ghoulish while doing so, then you need this wristlet. Three hitchhiking ghosts wish to follow you home in their Doom Buggy shaped bag. Along with its main zippered compartment, there is a smaller one at the front.

Blue tombstone and hitchhiking ghosts are seen on the interior lining. If you’re a fan of these Loungefly wristlets, you might like this RD-D2 one.

Ghost Host Loungefly Backpack – $90.00

Ghost Host costumes are one of the most iconic in the Disney Parks. Show off how much you love them with this Loungefly backpack! A name tag sits to the side, just above the apron-like design. The bat hair accessory sit above the main zippered compartment.

There is black and blue striped lining inside.

Welcome Foolish Mortals Grey Hoodies – $54.99

The front of this grey hoodie has large front pockets and a neon yellow HM. A lamp post divides the large letters as a bat sits at the top.

“Welcome Foolish Mortals”! The back show multiple phrases straight out of the attraction itself. It is set at the gate of an eerie graveyard.

Welcome Foolish Mortals Zip-Up Hoodie – $36.99

The back has “Welcome Foolish Mortals”, printed in large letters. This phrase can be heard during the stretching room pre-show. The words sit within a graveyard scene.

The inside of the hood has the wallpaper pattern.

“The Haunted Mansion” Attraction Icons Shirt – $36.99

This ladies shirt has colorful, stylized icons from the attraction including Madame Leota, Constance Hatchaway, and more.

The back has black bands that criss-cross at the very top.

“Busta Move” Shirt – $29.99

“Bust A Move” with the singing busts from the graveyard scene in the attraction. Each singing bust sits above the lettering, surrounded by musical notes.

“The Haunted Mansion” Purple Crocs – $49.99

We recently saw these Crocs at Walt Disney World and they became an instant must-have. The outside of the shoes have the purple wallpaper pattern. The aeration holes are all Mickey shaped.

On the outer sides of each shoe is a small “The Haunted Mansion” Croc accessory.

“Haunted Mansion Authentic” Shot Glass – $9.99

The front of this glass has the “Haunted Mansion Authentic” graphic on the font, while the back has an image from the iconic wallpaper from the attraction.

Hitchhiking Ghosts Bottle Stoppers – $24.99

Gus, Ezra, and Phineas sit atop these silver bottle stoppers. Maybe they are trying to catch a ride for some wine.

Hitchhiking Ghosts Photo Clip Frame – $16.99

Add your favorite photo from the attraction to this photo clip frame. The clip itself is a bat, while three hitchhiking ghosts stand at the base. Careful, or they’ll follow you home!

“Haunted Mansion Authentic” Purple Water Bottle – $22.99

Carry this purple “Haunted Mansion Authentic” water bottle on your travels, whether it’s through the park or from regions beyond!

We found these items at the World of Disney in Downtown Disney. Which of these items is your favorite? Let us know!