PHOTOS: New “The Nightmare Before Christmas” Merchandise Give us Chills at the Disneyland Resort

Get yourself in the mood for the spookiest time of year with “The Nightmare Before Christmas” merchandise in Downtown Disney at the Disneyland Resort.

Jack Skellington Bucket Hat – $29.99

Sometimes you know exactly how a person is feeling by looking at them. With Jack Skellington, it’s as plain as the nose on his face… if he had one, that is! Jack expresses himself with different facial expression throughout this bucket hat. Whether he is angry, confused, or joyous, see it all here.

This small black patch reminds you of the famous movie where this character originates.

Loungefly Jack Skellington Grey Backpack – $75.00

Jack’s face appears in various emotional states throughout this backpack. There is one zipper on the front in addition to the main zippered compartment.

The backpack has black adjustable straps. Two handles are at the top of the bag if you would like to carry it instead.

The lining inside is much like Jack’s iconic black and white pin stripe suit.

“Jack” Iridescent and Black Baseball Hat – $27.99

This baseball hat shows an iridescent grinning head of our favorite Pumpkin King. All along the front it has “Jack” embroidered in black against a black background.

The brim of the hat is a faux-leather, just like the front. However, the back is a black mesh. You can see it has an adjustable strap in the back so it will fit most.

Jack and Sally Decorative Mini Tray – $14.99

One of the most romantic and spookiest couples ever to hit the big screen. This miniature tray duo would be perfect for display or holding some Halloween treats. Long bones line the perimeter of the tray, framing Jack and Sally the seamstress.

Oogie Boogie Stocking – $29.99

Say it once! Say it twice! Take a chance and roll the dice with this Oogie Boogie holiday stocking. His body is made from a burlap material. On his head is a small black ribbon to hang it above your fireplace. Gifts for your family or friends can be placed inside via his mouth.

The back has his signature on the bottom right. Each “I” in his name is dotted with one of his dice.

We found the Jack Skellington merchandise in the The Disney Dress Shop and the stocking in the Disney Home store.

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