PHOTOS: Sneak Peek at New Dumbo the Flying Elephant and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Collection for Upcoming “Minnie Mouse: The Main Attraction” Series Releases

shopDisney has revealed a sneak peek at the upcoming “Minnie Mouse: The Main Attraction” merchandise collections that are set to be released soon, and they’re themed to Dumbo the Flying Elephant and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad! Many Disney Stores are still closed, but the collections are set to be available via shopDisney through the new MerchPass system.

All of the vibrant hues of the classic Dumbo attraction are represented throughout this collection. The Series 8 collection features a Minnie Ear Headband complete with a lucky feather and circus bow. A similar pattern is seen on the mug and the Loungefly hip pack. The Minnie plush wears a snazzy red circus outfit. The pin set features a Dumbo ride vehicle, Minnie in full circus style, and a Minnie Ear headband pin.

If you’re looking for something slightly more western, this here’s the wildest collection in the wilderness! Big Thunder Mountain fans will love the denim and bandana-styled accents of this Series 9 release, with ears that highlight the mountain range itself and Minnie wearing a silk scarf and dress. This series includes a mini Loungefly backpack, as well as a mug and pin set.

Do note that while these two collections are scheduled for an August and September release in the UK, no official release dates are available for shopDisney US.